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In her memoir, Shenita takes readers on a journey through her life, beginning with her childhood experience with sexual molestation and rape and her young adult years characterized by failed relationships and domestic violence. Be prepared to cry, to laugh, and to reflect as you witness her triumph over these things and her dramatic transformation into the woman she is today.

This book will inspire you, revealing to you the strength and power of hope. All of us possess an inner strength that enables us to overcome any and all challenges placed before us. Shenita's journey will remind you to tap into that inner strength and continue to move forward, refusing to remain in a place of defeat, refusing to accept the labels placed on you by others.

Not Just Another Pretty Face is not just Shenita's journey, it's our journey. Beneath the smiles, we all have pain, we all experience fears and self-doubt. But that's when we discover that there's so much more inside of us than what meets the eye. We were built to win, to succeed, to overcome these things.

Take the journey. Pick up your copy of this amazing book today! Available wherever books are sold.

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